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Bagots Bitter - 3.8% ABV

Amber, Lightly Hopped easy drinking ale, fruit start with a smooth bitter finish.

Ridware Pale - 4.3% ABV

Bright Pale Ale with floral hop aroma and citrus taste, bitter and refreshing. Long lingering bite with ripples of citrus across the tongue.

Staffie - 4.4% ABV

Sweet Hoppy and Citrus Aroma. Gentle bitter start expands to a fresh fruit tang before the hops demand attention to the long bitter finish.

Palmers Poison - 4.5% ABV

Refreshing Darkish Beer. Malt and caramel are the first characteristics with a coffee truffle aroma, liquorice roast develops. Hoppy throughout with a long bitter finish.

Dark Ruby - 5.0% ABV

Sweet Aroma lifting from creamy head on a reddish sparkle. Sweet plummy smooth, caramel hint with a port nose, and a sharp and mouth-watering finish.

Dark Horse - 4.7% ABV

White head on this dark red/brown beer. Mixed aromas with liquorice and angelica. Liquorice, stick, tobacco and herbs with hints of chocolate and spice followed by gentle bitterness.

Goldrush - 4.6% ABV

Golden Ale with a gentle citrus and tropical fruit drop aroma.  An initial malt touch gives way to a hoppy meadow grass taste, tinged with spice.  Bitterness quenches the thirst and entices further.

Summer Breeze - 4.3% ABV

Yellow Gold Pale Ale with a grassy hop aroma with a touch of citrus.  Refreshing tastes of floral hop and summer green plants.  The gentle finish makes this mouth wateringly moreish.

Sublime - 4.3% ABV

A great summer beer made with whole lime fruits.  Instant lime zest aroma with sweet and citrus fruit flavours. Lightly hopped with a smooth bitter finish.

Raspberry IPA - 6.0% ABV

A Hazy IPA made with whole Raspberries and new world hops. This IPA is full bodied sharp and refreshing with a perfectly balanced blend of fruit, malt and hops.

Knobbled Horse - 4.7% ABV

The chocolate and coffee flavours of this rich full-bodied stout are perfectly complemented by the sweet and salty tones of the salted caramel, giving you a unique yet balanced flavour. 

Bandito - 5.5% ABV

A distinctive combination of pale ale, real lime zest and Tequila. This light and refreshing ale builds flavour from a malt start through the a sharpness of lime and finishes with a shot of tequila.

Santas Sack - 5.0% ABV

This Christmas Cake Porter is Christmas in a can. It has all the flavours from chocolate, coffee, liquorice to dried fruit, Christmas spices and orange zest. This black beer is perfectly balanced and gives all the individual ingredients a chance to shine as the flavours build in your mouth.

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